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The Ascension Explained

The word ‘Ascension’ is becoming more frequently used. It’s visible on hospital fronts, church banners, and streaming across social media. So many variations of perception for this word as the interpretation from one context to the other potentially confuses the observer. Albeit, life is meant to be open to interpretation. That is why we agreed to incarnate; to create for the purpose of experience and expansion. The goal of this writing is to bring awareness to yet another perspective regarding the phenomenal occurrences of the ascension process. One that embraces peace as opposed to fear, love as opposed to superiority, and purpose as opposed to principle.

The literary meaning of ‘ascension’ stems from the root word ascent, which means (according to ‘movement upward from a lower to a higher state/advancement, the act of climbing or traveling up’. Ascension, by definition, is the ‘act’ of ascent or ascending. Taken a step farther, ‘A scend’ at its essence is ‘to see a need end’; taking a step forward or up from where you were to where you are now. Starting with the actual definition is important, mostly because common questions include, “What does ascension mean?” and, “How do I know I will ascend? Is it the apocalypse? Is it the rapture? Is it a mass alien abduction?”. Decoding the multiple interpretations can challenge even the most well-versed individual; which is why you may want to sit, relax, and take in the next few paragraphs.

Let’s begin with an explanation as to why the term ‘phenomenal occurrences’ is used. As previously mentioned, ascension means to move upward. The way to move upward with the most ease is to shed as much weight as possible. The more weight that is removed, the lighter the vessel, the quicker the ascent, the more enjoyable the experience. Hear it this way, with each scenario attracted into your reality comes a reflection of yourself. Your energetic self has aligned with this experience for the purpose of feeling the process of it. No matter how difficult the situation may be, you have an energetic connection to it for the purpose of expansion through understanding. These are phenomenal occurrences - the understanding we receive from allowing ourselves to be present with the process; to feel the emotions associated with it and recognize where we are vibrationally (the beliefs we are resonant with) to have attracted a particular scenario into our reality. To be clear, everything we experience we have vibrationally attracted for the purpose of expansion ~ AKA phenomenal occurrences.

As you aim to understand these phenomenal occurrences, it is necessary to shift your mindsets to view these experiences from a higher perspective. Sharpening your awareness to recognize behavioral patterns and thought processes that hold a lower vibration is key to moving through the resistance of reaching for more blissful, empowering thoughts. The thoughts that you now know will shape your experiences to come. Through the awareness of thought patterns, through the recognition of behaviors, through taking responsibility, and through understanding your experiences from the perspective of your highest soul self (meaning without blame or judgment and with the knowing that each being is playing their designed role in each scenario), you shed layers of toxic belief systems. The very beliefs that have kept you perpetuating painful cycles throughout this lifetime. If nothing else has given you the feeling of liberation, this should! Why? Because this process is empowering. This knowing reclaims your power as the divine being you are; an energetic expansion of the Ultimate Creator, the All That Is, the Embodiment of Ether, the Primal Source Energy.

Did you feel the majesty in those words? If you didn’t, then go back and read it again.

Ascension is seeing a need end through deliberate creation of the next phase; expansion. The more aware you become, the more you exercise your divine creative power, the lighter you feel, the less energy you put toward lower vibrational conditionings, the greater more enjoyable your experiences become. The Ascension Process.

To wrap up this segment, the ascension can be interpreted as a continual process of shedding density through releasing belief systems out of alignment with your divine self. This is achieved through recognition of what you are vibrationally attracting into your life, then shifting the beliefs that manifested the reality to mindsets more in alignment with how you want to feel and live. This is not to be feared but rather revered as a reward for the type of creator being you choose to be. You are already living the ascension; the difference now may be your awareness of it.

Surrounding you with so much love and peace ~ Bernadette

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