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Life, As We Know It

Life, as we have known it, is changing so drastically day by day. It is amazing to watch not only the events unfold but also how the people respond to what is unfolding. I am certain that you have already read a million different quotes, articles, social media blurbs etc. about the varying opinions on the current global crisis and perhaps have already drawn your own conclusions or are not sure what to think and are feeling a bit out of sorts. Either way, most the population is feeling the weight of it in one way or another, especially since social outlets have been removed, albeit temporarily, from the equation.

So, what do you do? People are getting sick, jobs are being lost, bills are still coming in, and…to further complicate things, the children or other occupants of your dwelling (if this applies) are home ALL day. Who would have thought that during this day of modern medicine and technological advancement that we would be on a global lockdown?! So many questions and plenty of assumptions but not enough credible information can be distracting and offsetting. Likewise, the focus put on a situation can and will intensify it. Specifically, for this reason, how you receive and respond to the unexpected is crucial.

It is well known that energy is always at work and everything is energy. This said, vibrational patterns are always being emitted and from that point gravitate toward like vibrational patterns. This process continues for every vibrational level; compiling clusters of like energy and expanding it. Revert back to the previous statement, ‘the focus put on a situation can and will intensify it’ and consider it a bit more deeply in relation to the content of this paragraph. Plainly said, you attract into your reality what you focus upon.

Let us go a little further. Everything and everyone are emitting energy that is clustering and expanding. If one third of the entire global population is focused on plague and famine imagine how much energy is gathering and building momentum behind the manifestation of plague and famine! Now imagine the numbers to be one half of the GP, then three quarters and so on. That cluster just keeps expanding and expanding until it becomes a grave reality.

On the other hand, imagine one third of the GP focused on higher vibrational thinking. For example: 1) This is not a plague, it is this planets way of cleansing itself from the harshness of humanity. 2) I will not be without; the universe is plentiful. 3) Peace replaces fear as I choose now to send the vibration of love to all. Now, take it up the tiers and imagine half, three quarters etc. of the GP united in higher vibrational thinking, expanding this vibration to achieve and attract a higher vibrational experience. This is not wishful thinking, over the top or pies in the sky. Energy is a universal absolute, making this reality possible and at this point of the ascension process…inevitable.

To more rapidly reach this reality, however, does require each one of us to become aware. Aware of our vibrational output fueled by thoughts, behaviors and underlying beliefs stored within the core. Once we begin looking within, cycles and patterns we have become so accustomed to accepting are realized. Through this unveiling and recognition new patterns can be deliberately applied and practiced to shift the cycle and begin the manifestation of more enjoyable experiences. I understand that this may seem mentally conflicting to those who have not had much exposure to the principles of the law of attraction, but, if you take a moment, come out of your head and feel within your heart what I am saying your energetic, higher-self aligns and resonates with this truth.

It really is all about what you choose to experience, not necessarily what you want. What I mean by this is, your choices may not be aligning with what you want because the beliefs that lie within your core are on auto-pilot, directing your thoughts and behaviors in a conflicting direction. This is where your awareness kicks in and you get to deliberately and consciously recondition these patterns.

Know this, as you move forward with reconditioning your mind, changes will take place. As your vibrational output elevates, those people, places and things that once vibed with you may no longer feel resonant. Allow the separation, as this process opens you to receiving what is newly aligned for you. Also, through emitting a higher vibration you are expanding growth opportunities to those around you; whether they choose to follow suite is entirely up to them.

So, what do you choose to experience? Which vibration of manifestation are you supporting? Awareness is key, after all. As you navigate through your life’s journey, remember you are Source energy empowered with the choice of what you attract through the focus of your energy. Choose to vibe high, to see things from a higher perspective, and consciously create to positively contribute to the collective.

Surrounding you with universal love and peace ~ Bernadette DiGabriele

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