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How To Overcome Parental Blunders

Being a parent of many, I can attest to the variety of challenges. It was difficult at times to separate my will from theirs, their journey from mine, and, let go of the emotional/logical sides telling me to prevent them from doing what felt right to them. Trust me when I tell you I tried all types of parenting styles. Truly, I had no choice. Every one of my amazing children was different from the others. Of course, there were similarities based on genetics but the individuals themselves were unique to themselves; each living out their own life’s blueprint in their own special way.

I realized over time and many parental blunders that I had to trust my intuition, actively listen, and know that they are always being cared for by their spiritual teams. This knowing gives me great comfort because every life scenario they experience is exactly what they are in alignment to experience for the growth of themselves and those connected to it. Having control over my children’s every move served no one’s highest and best. Whereas teaching them about the power of choice, how it creates their reality and how energy (like the law of attraction) works, empowers them to be their best selves. This does not negate challenges it simply sets the young ones up for a greater success through making choices more in alignment with who they are and their life purpose.

Like our spiritual teams do for us on other dimensions, I realized it is my job to empower and hold the light for them; to be encouraging, to be as present as possible, and to love them unconditionally through their trials and challenges. My job is not to solve their problems or tell them what to do. I offer guidance and help them to identify their options, this way they can make an informed decision. Outside of that, I do what I feel aligned to do – and only what I FEEL aligned to do. It has not always been easy to stand in balance and there were times I did not adhere to my inner guidance. When I say that I felt the discord of these decisions on some level every time, it is no joke. But…this was how I learned to allow. I learned to allow myself to act on my truth and allow my children to live theirs.

In closing, I know that parenting is a broad subject with many factors and this short blurb only scratches the surface. However, in the midst of where society is right now and the drastic changes that are needing to be made for the evolvement, health, and abundant lives we desire for our children to lead, teaching them (role modeling counts!) how to turn inward and follow their divine guidance, is a great starting point.

Surrounding you with love and peace ~ Bernadette DiGabriele

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