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Marconic vs. Reiki: an Energy Modality Comparison

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Alternative Energy Modalities: Marconic vs Reiki

Alternative energy healing is becoming more and more popular in western culture. Although there are a variety of modalities to choose from, there are two that stand out as the most effective: Reiki and Marconic. These two modalities are certainly not one in the same, however there are some similarities between them as well as vast differences. The intention of the following information is to shed light upon the likenesses, the differences, and what the client can expect as a result of the service.

To begin, it is important to note the similarities between the two. Reiki and Marconic work with the energy that flows through the body from a higher vibrational plane, or an alternate dimension. The practitioner is used as a conduit between Universal energy and the client. Their purpose is to direct the energy from the higher realms through the clients’ body.

Another similarity is both practices work with the chakra system, known as the seven main energy centers. These energetic portals are located from the base of the spine to the top of the head, beginning with the root, followed by the sacral, then the solar plexus, upward to the heart, continuing to the throat, then the third eye, and ascending to the crown. Reiki and Marconic contribute to the cleansing of these main centers which are used to receive and omit energy.

Lastly, both of these modalities raise the clients’ energetic vibrational frequency. As a result of ‘running’ the energy through the clients’ body and cleansing the chakra centers, the client reaches a relaxed state. It is through this state of being that the clients’ vibrational frequency is elevated; leaving them to feel lighter and more balanced.

In light of these similarities, Reiki and Marconic energy practices hold several differences. One of the greatest differences between them is Reiki operates as a 3rd dimensional modality. This means that the energy transmuted will assist the client only with issues that pertain to them as a human. Reiki will open up and balance the energy centers, induce relaxation, release emotional blockages, and, relieve any stress and pain the client may be experiencing.

Marconic, on the other hand, transcends the 3rd dimension (3D) and accesses 5th dimensional (5D) energy. Using this modality, the practitioner taps into a higher vibrational frequency which opens up healing to take place not only on the incarnated body, but also on previously incarnated aspects of the oversoul. Utilizing 5D energy allows healing to take place multidimensionally and addresses issues such as traumas, ego, spiritual connection, and entity attachments.

The second difference between these two modalities pertains to the chakras. Reiki energy cleanses, balances, and aligns the seven main energy centers. As these areas are cleared, the body is better able to disburse energy evenly throughout the body, allowing the body to release stress which induces a calm and tranquil state. The benefit to this is that through the alignment of the chakras, or ‘subtle bodies’ and the relaxation obtained, other traditional medical therapies are supported and, in many cases, enhanced.

Diversely, the Marconic modality cleanses and balances the chakras and also uncaps them. To clarify, uncapping of the chakras means that these energy centers are restored to their original, pre-incarnation state. In addition, this practice not only works with all seven of the main energy centers, but also includes the eighth, referred to as the pineal gland. This eighth energy portal is located at the base of the skull. In explanation, the uncapping process enhances an individuals’ ability to receive and transmit energy multidimensionally.

Furthermore, this process assists the client in shedding 51 percent of their karmic attachments. This allows them to feel lighter, happier, more balanced, and in harmony with the higher aspects of themselves that either choose to integrate with or guide the incarnated portion of the soul. The shedding of density also assists the client to integrate 5D energy more fluidly.

A third important difference to note is that the Marconic modality accesses the oversoul. This means that through the use of Marconic 5D energy, higher aspects of self can be integrated into the client. This allows the higher selves to experience life through the client. Reiki does not access the oversoul and does not allow for higher aspects of self to be integrated.

Another difference between Reiki and Marconic pertains to the clients’ DNA. Marconic energy has the ability to activate up to 144 strands of the clients’ DNA. The activation of these additional strands of DNA allow the client to access abilities that simulate their divine impartations. Through these additional benefits the client is able to experience a higher sense of peace. In essence, what used to trigger the client no longer has the same affect. On the contrary, Reiki does not access or affect the genetic structure of the client.

As indicated by the preceding information, Reiki and Marconic energy are both very affective practices. Depending on what the client is looking to achieve, either of these practices is certain to fulfill their goals. However, it is important for the client to be aware of the benefits of each modality in order to make the choice that will best serve their desired purpose.

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