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What is Energy?

When we stop to consider the elements that make up our existence, we realize that it reaches far beyond humanity to the expanse of the universe. Within this expanse exists an amazing force that governs everything and everyone encompassed by it. This force is generally unrecognizable, as it is an unseen power that can be manipulated in a variety of ways. What is this force, you ask? It is an amazing impartation to universal existence, designed to assist us in creating our reality. It is energy. As we will discover, understanding how this powerful force has governance over our lives is more than essential to creating a positive reality.

Most everyone knows that energy exists in everything, from a table and chairs to the resonance of human existence. The beauty of energy is that not only is it all around us plentifully, and I do mean exuberantly plentiful, but it is available to us for use in any manner in which we choose to direct it. This is the exciting reality that we all get to choose to embrace or ignore. Either way, energy is an absolute, as it does exist in all things and it can be directed through our thoughts, words and actions.

To help solidify the idea that energy is an active force in our lives, let us take a look at what is scientifically known and what is unknown. Science knows that the universe is made up of five percent ordinary matter, 25 percent dark matter and 70 percent dark energy (Levy, 2005). The function of ordinary matter is impressive because as the universe expands matter dilutes; a concept consistent with scientific understanding. Interestingly, however, dark energy is not so easily understood. It is a mysterious force that vibrates at a very high frequency and fuels the expansion of our universe, but as it expands it does not dilute; defying physics (Levy, 2005). Instead, the expansion of dark energy causes a phenomenon where it continues to expand. Physicist Leonard Susskind predicts that eventually the entire universe will be consumed by this dark energy.

Although physicists may be baffled over this incredibly profound phenomenon, metaphysics has a theory that, when considered with an open mind, makes perfect sense. Humans are energy, therefore all we think, say and do activates this energy into motion. Energy in motion creates. When we consider our thoughts, for example, we do not often realize that what we think effects how this energy creates. However, when we contemplate the power of thought we can better understand this principle. Thought generates emotion, emotion stimulates action and action creates experience. Experience, then, is a result of our thoughts; manifesting either a positive or negative outcome.

As we go through life we face unavoidable challenges. However, it is not the challenges that define our reality, it is how we perceive them and how we choose to navigate through them that creates our experience and ultimately our reality. If we recognize thought as the energy that manifests our outcome, we are better able to understand why certain events in our lives transpire.

Once we acknowledge that thought has power over our reality, we can then begin to consciously alter our thoughts to fit the reality in which we desire to create for ourselves. The incredible part about it is that we all get to choose how we condition our minds, we get to choose how we perceive life and all it brings us, and we get to choose the attitude we combine with the experience. All of these elements contribute to the end result.

Based on this premise, metaphysics teaches that our thought energy connects with and draws from the expanse of dark energy, which in turn stimulates its expansion. It is through the mysterious dark energy that the manifestation of thought persists. Energy does not recognize positive or negative, it simply responds with like energy. Therefore, if we are sending out negative thoughts, it is not the universe or divine intelligence that does us wrong when negative experiences arrive. Instead, it is our own state of consciousness bringing forth exactly what we have created for ourselves.

Just as we can generate negative experiences and outcomes through thought, so can we create positive ones. Remember, universal energy does not depict between positive or negative, it only responds to what we put out. Therefore, it is just as easy to create a positive experience as it is to create a negative one. The power resides in our minds. Regardless of the challenges we face, we get to choose whether we view them from a positive or negative perspective. Knowing that all things in life occur for a purpose, helps with this process. Reconditioning our minds to consider that there is something to be gained from the experience also promotes a more positive outlook, thereby setting in motion the manifestation of a positive outcome.

Change does not often happen overnight. Just as the reality we are currently living took time to create, so will modifying it to reflect a more preferable existence. Through the governance of our thoughts we have the power to manifest whatever we want; we get to choose our level of happy or misery and we get to live as abundantly as we allow. The process does not have to be excruciating, instead it can be liberating; remember, perspective is everything.

Truly, energy is an amazing universal gift supporting free will and supplying us with everything and anything we desire.

The trick is understanding how this incredible force can be utilized to create a more amenable experience and desirable reality. Miracles happen through the manipulation of energy. Life becomes more enjoyable when we realize we have power over our experiences. And, we become more aware of how we condition our thoughts when we recognize the impact they have over our reality. By making a conscious decision to control our thoughts, we are actually making a declaration to the universal energy that we are ready and willing to receive the abundance that is limitlessly available through universal expanse.

Abundance is ours~


Levy, D. (February 25, 2005). String theorist explores dark energy, ‘pocket universes’. Stanford News, Stanford University. Retrieved from

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