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The Abundant Life Services

The Abundant Life Challenge

Are you ready to feel peace, find direction, and live the balanced happy life you have always dreamt of? 

This 8-week course is designed to bring peace, balance, and, direction to your life. Stimulate your awareness and growth in the areas of self-concept, limiting mindsets, relationships, and the law of attraction. Through the use of several different techniques and strategies you are guided step by step through the process of shedding toxic layers, shifting mindsets that keep you locked in looping cycles, detaching from harmful/abusive relationships, and manifesting more enjoyable experiences.


Get ready, because this challenge holds the ingredients to take you all the way! Attract what you really want ~ 



The Abundant Life Coaching 


The Abundant Life Coaching Program guides you to living in harmony with your core being. Do you feel stuck? Lost? Alone? Unfulfilled? Confused? Broken? This is NOT how you are meant to feel. Innately, you know this and are feeling the call to take the necessary steps to change it.


Choosing one of the programs (3/6/9 month programs) sets you up with an 1:1 opportunity to release trauma, complete disrupted developmental stages, and rewrite survival strategies so you can feel whole, balanced and fulfilled. Hand in hand you will learn how to shed your toxic layers and shift your mindsets so you can master the art of attracting what you want by creating a higher vibrational reality. If a more enjoyable life is what you want...




The Abundant Life Intensive

Wanna get away and reconnect with your 'Ness'? The Abundant Life Intensives are designed to stimulate growth through awareness, release, healing and connection in just one weekend (Friday - Sunday)! During our time together you will be challenged to identify, define, and honor the deepest parts of yourself. You will learn how to shed your toxic layers that no longer serve you; shift your mindsets that keep you locked in looping cycles; and, how to attract what you want through deliberate creation. Sound amazing? Well, that’s not all. In addition, you will experience energy healing sessions and various (fun, relaxing, stimulating) activities designed specifically to fit your needs. 

Pamper yourself with 'ME TIME', reacquaint with the essence of you, and accelerate your healing process. Living your happiest life begins by clicking the link below!

The Abundant Life Mentor Program

Feeling stress? Suffering from anxiety? Getting caught up with the pressures of life creates a variety of mental and emotional imbalances and reduces efficiency and productivity. The Abundant Life Mentor Program is designed to help you bring balance between your career and life. Through the use of alternative techniques you will learn how to handle challenging situations and navigate through life's stressful twists and turns both personally and professionally. Decide to use a new approach, bring balance back and make now the time to live your best life. 

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