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What is Cosmic Midwifery? 

Cosmic Midwifery is the process of identifying ones’ survival patterns, healing the traumas that helped to develop these patterns and completing the developmental stage that was interrupted to bring the individual out of survival mode and into the gifts of the pattern.


Have you ever wondered why you feel the way you do? Or why certain behaviors acted out by others trigger you? Beginning at conception, the fetus absorbs the energy of the mother which is influenced by her environment. How the mother feels during this period sets the foundation for the growing infant which impacts the baby’s sense of safety and security during the first developmental stage of life. This is just the beginning.


During the next few years of the child’s development, they continue to sense the safety and security of their environment. Observing how their caregivers respond to their needs and to life in general shapes how the child interprets the value of their own needs and their individualization. If their needs are met and their developmental stages reach full completion, the child is able to grow feeling safe and secure. Their sense of self is validated, their will and personal strength advance. Should their needs not be met and their developmental stages not be completed, the child learns to ignore their needs which begins the formation of the lower vibrational aspect of their survival patterns.  


How does this affect the child when they reach adulthood? Significantly! The development of the survival strategies the child has adopted to protect itself, is the lens the child/adult views their life experiences through as well as the people involved with those experiences. It is through this lens that determines the enjoyment of their life or the lack thereof.


Cosmic midwifery is the art of identifying these interrupted developmental stages, the traumas that were perceived during these stages and healing these voids to bring completion to the stage so the individual can feel fulfilled. This feeling of fulfillment offers a sense of relief, validation, safety and security so the individual can begin to view life’s experiences from a variety of perspectives as opposed to the one developed through perceived trauma.

Developmental traumas could be as simple as suffering through self-soothing practices – a popular childrearing tactic for many generations. A practice such as self-soothing can potentially teach the child that their needs are invalid which will essentially cause the child to disconnect from their core self – the part of self that is their internal guidance system; assisting the child and eventually the adult with direction, desire, passion, will, empowerment, strength and so-on.


FOR PARENTS: My services are designed to assist new and existing parents in healing their survival strategies so they do not pass them on to their next generation. Through the healing process the parents learn how to thrive using the gifts of their patterns rather than surviving through the use of their strategy. As a result, the parents are able to offer their child a healthy foundation for growth into their own patterns by instilling the gifts rather than the need to survive. Through the identification of the strategies used, the individual becomes aware of why and how they are triggered by certain people and experiences. It is never too late to heal these traumas and complete the developmental stages.


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