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My Compelling Story
Bernadette About Me

To begin, I grew up in a strict catholic home and realized early on that structured religion was not for me. This perceived rebellion set the stage for total discord between myself and my parents (my father a military man born in the 30’s, and, my mother a devout Catholic practicing complete obedience and servitude – born in the 40’s). Of course, it didn’t help that I was the fifth and baby girl. Feeling totally misplaced and misunderstood, I left the nest on my 16th birthday. With no idea what I was doing, no self-identity at all, and absolutely no direction, I soon found myself pregnant and even more alone than ever before. Two new challenges had presented themselves: becoming a parent, and, co-parenting with an addict.

Realizing that my situation was not ideal for raising a child, I uprooted my daughter and set out to find something to fill my massive void. It was in my mid-teen years that I had the chance to venture out a little to discover other religious mindsets. A few years later, in my early twenties, upon meeting and marrying my now ex-husband, I decided to comply with marital order and dedicate myself to Christianity. We then moved our family to a small Tennessee town where I became an ordained Spiritual Teacher under the Church of God. For a while I co-partnered a telecom business and a 501c3, heading the departments of Human Resources and Operations, while singing in and co-pastoring at a small church - where my primary focus was relationship enhancement, family services and youth counseling.


Still feeling unsettled about my spiritual beliefs, I resumed my researching of other philosophies and quickly became intrigued by the diversities and similarities I had discovered. I was now in my thirties with 8 children in total, business responsibilities, and a rocky marriage; I was at a major crossroad. Feeling desperate and trapped in a life of falsities, instability and uncertainty, I stumbled upon a spiritual weekend intensive that impacted my life so significantly that I had no choice but to make effective, necessary changes. I allowed my mind to embrace the idea of universal energies, I opened myself up to accept my gifts and passions, and I embarked on a new journey set to understand and grow what I knew was innate to me. It wasn’t long after my transformation began, my 17ish years of marriage ended and life drastically changed for me and my children.

Through my studies, I have realized that there are very few absolutes, however, those that exist are irrefutable. I particularly enjoy working with one of these rarities, as I find discovering its power and ability invigorating. What is 'this' captivating absolute, you ask? The answer is energy. Energy is all around us and in everything. Our thoughts, feelings, actions, and even stillness requires the use and manipulation of energy. The fascinating part of this realization is that as we generate this energy through our thoughts, words, and actions, we are ultimately creating our reality.

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My fascination with energy and discovering how this budding knowledge was changing my life is what introduced me to my soul passion. My mindsets were shifting, my layers were shedding and I was attracting new and exciting experiences into my life. Soon I became a Usui Reiki Master and an Alternative Theta Healing Practitioner. I worked with clients using these modalities to assist them in achieving lifestyle balance through releasing trauma’s and learning techniques to minimize stress, anxiety, and depression. Wanting to know more, I went back to college to earn my degrees in Behavioral Science and Metaphysical Psychology. After several years of studying and practicing energy modalities, I stumbled across a far more advanced energy therapy that has even more deeply changed my life. The Marconic modality is designed to align us with higher aspects of ourselves – our divine selves at Source. Through these energy protocols we are able to release karmic attachments, uncap our chakra’s, and realign with the crystalline grid – allowing us to take full advantage of a higher vibrational frequency.


Today, my path of discovery has brought me to a place where my heartfelt desire is to assist you in achieving your goals, both personally and professionally, reaching and maintaining your highest vibration-restoring peace of mind and direction to inspire a happy, healthy, balanced life in harmony with your soul purpose.  


My recipe, well, I take my experience, passion and divine impartations, then I combine those elements with my behavioral science, communications, and, spiritual education and background. Adding these components together equals valuable guidance for individuals toward realizing and reaching their highest potential. Together we can make discoveries that will forever impact your life, setting you on a path to shed your layers, shift your mindsets, and attract what you really want. Choose to live your best life, join the CHALLENGE today!

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