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Abundant Life Education Center Non-Profit 501c3

Generational cycles (poverty, abuse, substance use etc.) continue due to environmental conditions, the observations of the offspring, and the genetics/belief systems/culture of the family. To break generational cycles it is important to become aware of the behavioral patterns, survival strategies and thought patterns being predominantly exercised. Through this awareness, we discover the developmental stages that were interrupted and environmental/emotional traumas that were experienced for the purpose of completing the stages of development and healing the traumas that caused the behaviors and strategies to be developed.


Mental health and well-being for all is generally in a state of flux. This is more so the condition for those in underprivileged demographics who have accumulated a significant number of stressors often associated with discrimination, overwhelm and financial hardship. Now, more than ever before, mental health is in question due to the added discomfort and confusion of a global pandemic that has not only reduced financial intake but has also induced fear pertaining to life and death. Statistically, underprivileged demographics (non-white groups and cultures) and more specifically the female gender, have a significantly higher risk of experiencing mental and physical issues due to the added pressures of racism, cultural injustices and disparity.



Our mission is to assist underserved demographics with shifting generational cycles, social inadequacies and cyclical survival strategies to develop whole body balance and mental wellness so they may thrive.

Teaching individuals’ effective techniques on how to manage their life stressors is key. Also, assisting with awareness of survival strategies, belief systems, and non-productive forms of behavior through progressive methods of healing traumas and emotional disturbances will shift generational cycles.

Donations are greatly appreciated! 
In addition to financial contributions we happily accept new or lightly worn clothes, hygiene products, technology (computers/phones), food, sports equipment, and your time. For those interested in donating please click on 
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Addressing Homelessness through attention on Generational Cycles - including Poverty, Abuse, homelessness, Addiction, & PTSD - and, Mental Health and Well-Being with the focus on single parents, teens aging out of foster care, veterans, and individuals.

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This is a COMMUNITY UNITY building project. We are currently seeking 40+ acres in SouthEast Austin, TX that will include: 
A Community Center - a place focused on fun, community building activities. It will be open to the ENTIRE community!
Education Center - a place where those participating in the program will attend classes designed to target their individual needs. Includes: internships & scholarships for those interested in careers upon completion of their program.  
Well-Being Center - a place where program participants will have access to naturopathic modalities and remedies as well as a fitness center to assist with physical balance and wellness. 
Amphitheater -  a place where community events will take place for the purpose of fundraising to sustain and thrive this project. 
Gourmet Kitchen - a place where program participants will learn to create healthy, whole food meals specifically designed for their dietary needs. Much of the food will be provided through our community garden. 
Participant Housing - sustainable, environmentally friendly homes for program participants to ease the stress of living conditions so they may focus on their growth, healing, and success.  
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