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Meet Bernadette, your new life coach! Book a session now if you need help finding solutions that resonate with your body and soul from a world-class professional guidance counselor who can help you navigate the trepidations that come with life. 

Book your first session, and whether you are seeking one-on-one, couple, or professional guidance, you will learn how to release old harmful patterns, feel empowered, and reclaim your life! 

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About Bernadette

Autumn is my favorite time of year; perhaps that is because I was born into a big family, living in a small, upstate New York town, during this fabulous season. I am number six of seven children and ironically, I am now a mother of eight amazingly unique individuals. I love to write, teach, speak, inspire, motivate, and create. For me there are no limits, our potential is infinite, and our destiny is ours to design. Guiding individuals toward embracing their truths, discovering their passions, and living a balanced happy life is what I am here to do. Take a short journey with me and I'll share the 'Reader's Digest' version of how I got here.

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Parent Coaching

Each child is born with their own unique blueprint that, in some magnificent way, is designed to impact humanity and more specifically, those around them. As parents, it is up to us to ‘see’ our children, recognize their bliss and assist them with following the path that is most resonant with them – a parenting style most of us were not raised experiencing. Before we can effectively do this, we must first do it for ourselves. Again, something most of us were not taught. Relating to your children and raising them to be the best versions of themselves is the goal, but sometimes it can be a challenge; especially if the parent is still carrying energetic imprints from unresolved childhood or adulthood traumas.


Do you feel out of control, stressed out or spread to thin? Do you feel angry, depressed, abandoned or fearful?


Understanding the multiplicity of factors that contribute to the development of your child is the roadmap to parenting with the most ease, grace, and sanity! As we dive into self-discovery, we open to ancestral imprinting as it has evolved over time to the form of expression that is you. It is this imprinting that amplifies the behaviors and beliefs that create our survival strategies which perpetuate cycles – not only within ourselves, but also within our children (biological or not!).  


Enrolling in this coaching program you will:

  • explore yours and your child(ren)'s cosmic blueprint;

  • explore your patterns and strategies to better understand your child(ren);

  • learn how to move beyond repeating unwanted cycles;

  • clear ancestral and cultural imprinting;

  • explore techniques to maintain emotional balance;

  • explore new concepts of parenting;

  • explore tools needed to understand, relate to, and parent your child;

  • discover a deeper love, understanding of and relationship with self;

  • explore the developmental stages of your child(ren) and how to navigate through them.


Elevate your mindfulness to embody the gifts held within your patterns. Unlock the mysteries and genius that is you so you may SEE the genius that IS your child.


Divorce Coaching

Marriage is a beautiful new beginning, however, sometimes partners grow apart or choose to take different paths. This is not a shameful choice, but rather one to be honored as an opportunity to appreciate the time and growth experienced during the relationship as well as an opportunity to adventure into a new phase of life that feels more resonant to each individual. Divorce can challenge the emotional capacity of even the most grounded, spiritual being alive, especially if there are children involved. Seeking a professional to assist with this process can bring just the peace and comfort you need to make it a smoother more amicable transition for all involved.


Enrolling in this coaching program you will:

  • be guided to communicate your truth from a place of neutrality not emotion;

  • be guided to assist all involved to transition with greater ease and understanding;

  • learn how to process through emotion, heal trauma, and release attachment;

  • discover the power of forgiving yourself;

  • create an action plan to honor the end of one chapter and transition into the next;

  • be guided toward mindfulness of your energetic spectrum;

  • And, set the grid of intention for your next chapter.  

    Change is an inevitable part of life, the lens we see it through will affect the journey. Choose to see from a higher perspective and start the next chapter of your life with peace, clarity and intention.


Relationship Coaching

From co-workers to classmates, from parents to partners and all those we interact with in between, a relationship of some measure is cultivated. Some harmonious, some chaotic, knowing about ourselves and understanding this lifetimes' blueprint provides clarity on why we get on with some and not with others. Choosing to look within and learn about self creates a whole new paradigm of relational purpose. Are you looking for friends who inspire, encourage, and hold space for you? Are you ready to resolve internal familial conflict? Are you ready for a life partner who checks all the boxes? 


Enrolling in this coaching program you will:

  • bring awareness to your patterns and survival strategies;

  • explore your human blueprint and ways to live in alignment with your cosmic design;

  • identify cycles and patterns that attract the unwanted;

  • heal traumas and emotional pain;

  • redefine personal guidelines/boundaries;

  • explore what you really want and learn how to attract and navigate relationships you prefer.


Fully embrace the divinity you are, shadows and all. Allow the cloak of expectation and conditioning to fall from your shoulders as you embrace your story and recreate your narrative. Freedom is waiting for you. 

Spiritual Life 

Spiritual Life Coaching

How does energy work? Who am I in the large scheme of things? What does it mean to be in this human vessel? And, how do I identify with the divinity I am? What choices are best for me? And, how do I shift from what I know to what I prefer? These are just a few thoughts that may have arisen throughout your life journey, and understandably so! All valid questions and when you come to understand them, the information can greatly assist you in moving forward while feeling peace and bliss. Our universe is vast and we each have our own divine/cosmic blueprint that helps to understand our unique design. 


Enrolling in this coaching program you will:

  • discover how to manipulate energy;

  • explore your unique cosmic blueprint;

  • become empowered to make choices in alignment with what best serves you;

  • identify belief systems and mindsets that keep you in unwanted patterns and cycles;

  • explore the depths of incarnation, lineages, and cosmic imprinting;

  • be guided to connect with your etheric team and bring forth information that has been waiting for you.

    The answers to your questions are waiting for you to discover them. It is here and now the call is being heard, by you, to take the next step in self-discovery.


Life Coaching

Most of us have been conditioned from the time of birth to be and act a certain way. This kind of societal upbringing can create resistance toward honoring internal direction, which then plays out as rebellion; where choices made go against the innate inspirations, desires and purpose we were born to gravitate toward. As a result, we find ourselves in unpleasant, unfulfilling careers, relationships and experiences perpetuating familiar cycles simply because we know no other way of navigating the journey of life.


How different would your life be if someone would have taught you how to live according to your divine blueprint? How to make choices that were most in alignment with you?


Enrolling in this coaching program you will:

  • explore your cosmic configuration;

  • discover your divine purpose for this life;

  • feel confident making choices that are aligned with you;

  • explore how to live according to your unique design;

  • reawaken aspects of yourself that have been suppressed;

  • be guided to attract into your field what you prefer;

  • create a plan to transition into your preferred career.

    Imagine waking up each day and doing what brings you joy. Imagine feeling excitement about what each day will bring and imagine what it feels like to live in actual bliss. I know you are ready and you know you are ready…so…take the leap!

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We may not be able to control the events unfolding around us, but, we do get to choose how we navigate through them. Knowing we have purpose, believing there is a Higher Intelligence, and faithfully moving forward, is to exercise the understanding that the Ultimate Universal Power is at work in our lives and therefore will guide and direct us through all things that surface whether we understand it or not. "Lean not on to your own understanding", just breathe freely knowing, Everything Happens for a reason.    Bernadette M DiGabriele



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